Summer 2022 Update

We are so excited to show you these renderings of our new expanded lobby and outdoor space! Hospitality is one of Illuminate’s core values. Why? Because we want people to feel loved and welcomed in our home. Our architects are working on the updated children’s spaces, and we will have more renderings to show you soon.

The Bigger, Smaller, Deeper, (BSD) transformational journey that began last fall has challenged each of us to ask God two questions; “God what do you want to do IN me, and what do you want to do THROUGH me?” Many of us have grown spiritually in this process, and many of us have helped this vision come closer to reality by sacrificially giving financially to BSD.

We are praising God because of what He is doing through so many of you. The stories of changed lives, baptisms, small group engagement, people going beyond our walls to serve the community, and the growing number attending our adult, youth, and children’s services are just a few of the things that cause us to say yet again, “Only God!”. THANK YOU to all who have participated in making Jesus’ church grow Bigger, Smaller, and Deeper together.

We are also excited to remodel and expand our children’s area which will include widening our main hallway, dedicated bathrooms for our children for added security, indoor and outdoor playground spaces, adding a mom’s private nursing room, new large and small group classroom space and a more secure children’s check-in area for parents. We look forward to sharing new renderings and images of these spaces soon.

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Our first five years together have been nothing short of miraculous. We have been taken farther and faster than we ever dreamed. Only God!

He has now brought us to a significant moment in our history by growing our roots deeper through a permanent church home. This means we can have a bigger influence for Jesus within and beyond our walls. Our own house also provides the space we need to grow smaller, through life-giving relationships with one another.

These are the three words we use to describe the vision God has given us.


This will require each of us to pray: “God, what do You want to do IN me, and THROUGH me?” So get ready to be transformed church family. We are stepping into the next chapter of God’s work at Illuminate!


The Illuminate family has grown extraordinarily quickly, and we believe this has happened by following God’s lead from day one. Our five year history is marked by what we call “Only God” moments; these have shaped who we are and how we follow God’s call to make disciples and to reach the lost.

From day one, we’ve been a church that desires to get our hands dirty in real discipleship and to help the lost find Jesus and grow out of their comfort zones. As we grow, this will continue to be our mission.

Today, we’re taking our biggest step yet.

Our current building is becoming our permanent home, but that’s just the beginning. We are going beyond the purchase of property; rather, we want you to own a vision with us. Through prayer and council, we have a vision for the future of Illuminate. We call it Bigger, Smaller, and Deeper.


What does it mean for ICC to get bigger? It doesn’t mean that we become something different in order to grow. Rather, we believe that God has put a great deal of ministry before us, and we are ready to get started. But to become the resource that we hope to be, we’ve got to deal with a few bottlenecks:

Caring for Children

Our current kids’ space doesn’t allow for growth. We need a space that provides a safe, organized check-in process, dedicated indoor/outdoor play space, and facilities that make learning about God the highlight of the week.

Caring for Youth

Our current youth space is barely keeping up with the kids that we have. Our youth programs can be a defining place in the lives of families that we haven’t even met yet, and we want to be ready for them.

Caring for Adults

Right now we have space for only two things: big Sunday services and small office meetings. We need to expand our worship center capacity
in order to accommodate the growing number of people that God
brings to us.


How can Illuminate grow bigger and feel smaller at the same time?

As a church grows, people can feel swallowed up or overlooked. We want to be intentional in creating places and opportunities for people to feel known and experience God’s love. Each person who comes to Illuminate should be able to make friends, connect, and grow together. That doesn’t mean that you know everyone, but it does mean that you are known. Small groups and classes, mentoring and ministry teams; these are the ways to carve out the space necessary for others to be known and loved.

We need to provide space for mid-sized classroom learning, mentoring relationships, and informal community meetings. ICC can be a hub
of life all week long.

• Mid-sized meeting space
• Small groups
• Education opportunities
• Mentor relationships


We go deeper when we grow in our faith and become disciples. Spiritual transformation is the goal. We want people to be changed by Illuminate. When we first come to know Jesus, we need to be fed and to grow. But soon, we need to become those who feed others in order to grow them, to grow ourselves, and to grow the church. By expanding our teaching capacity and creating new ways to serve our community and our fellow image-bearers, we can become all that God wants us to be.

• discipleship training
• community food kitchen
• local outreach partnerships
• international outreach


We have set flexible goals that prioritize life change, but we acknowledge that understanding God’s purpose for money is also part of one’s personal transformation. We want our family to give to Bigger, Smaller, and Deeper because they own the vision of what God wants to do through all of us. The ultimate goal of this vision is for you to become more like Jesus and to see your neighbor and your community in a new way.

Goal 1: 100% Participation

Everyone will be challenged to take the next step in their faith journey. Our prayer is that every single person that calls ICC home sees this vision and its need, and participates by asking, “God, what do you want to do in me?”

Between now and the end of 2022, we have a goal of paying an additional $4.5M for remodel costs and additional mortgage reduction.

My/Our Commitment

God, what do you want to do “through” me?


In response to my prayer of what God wants to do “through” me, in faith, above and beyond my regular giving, I commit:

I would like more information about how to donate stocks or other financial assets.
I would like to talk to someone about committing a portion of my estate, will or trust.

Thank you for joining us on this journey of transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Both. BSD is a churchwide spiritual journey focused on a personal transformation of our time, talents, and treasure for the expansion of God’s Kingdom. A key part of our journey includes a financial goal of paying off the mortgage, because paying off the mortgage enables us to fund the Bigger, Smaller and Deeper vision of discipleship and outreach to our community.

There are two goals:

  • 100% participation in this transformational journey as we ask God what He wants to do in us and through us.
  • Pay off most if not all the $7.5M mortgage and invest in prioritized projects that help us all grow Bigger, Smaller and Deeper.
  • How much did we pay for the building? $10.75M
  • What’s left? $7.5M
  • How long is the mortgage? 20 years
  • How quickly do we want to pay off the mortgage? We hope to pay off most if not all the mortgage by Dec 31, 2022.
  • Are we funding BSD through the improved cashflow? Yes. Reducing the debt improves cash flow and improved cash flow enables us to move ahead with the BSD vision. For example, every $1M of debt reduction reduces our mortgage payment by $6k per month and every $6k in savings accelerates the timeline for funding BSD.
  • How much do we need to raise for ICC not to be reliant on a tenant upstairs? At least $4M.
  • What are the priorities of the allocation of funds? In addition to reducing the mortgage our current priorities are addressing the increasing needs of our Children, Youth, Worship Center and Outreach.

The transformational journey began on Sept 12 and culminates on Commitment Sunday Oct 31st.   On October 31st Individuals and families can make a one-time contribution and present faith pledges spreading out gifts to Dec 31, 2022.

The more we raise the more we can accomplish.  Assuming a successful campaign some BSD projects could begin as soon as the first half of 2022.    The elders formed a facilities committee to help prioritize and manage building improvement projects that are aligned with the BSD vision.

Our aim is to acquire the upstairs space sooner than later. Currently, the tenant’s rent greatly helps reduce our monthly out-of-pocket expenses.    Taking over the upstairs would mean that we need to make up that amount by reducing debt or increasing donations.   This is one of the key financial reasons we want to pay off the mortgage.  The tenant and Illuminate are bound by a 12-month notice period.

October 31h is Commitment Sunday.   This is a time when everyone will have an opportunity to either make a yearend donation or a faith pledge for a future gift.  All donations should be earmarked BSD.  We accept cash, checks, stock, real estate.  If possible, please do not use credit cards.  If you choose a credit card, we ask you to add 3% to the gift to cover our transaction fees.

Attend one of two question and answer meetings following services on Oct 17th and 24th.

Who do I contact for donating assets such as, real estate or stock gifts? Earl DeFrates (Treasurer)

If you cannot attend the Q&A’s, please direct your questions to: or


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